Waterways Netherlands

Waterways Netherlands is a foundation which aims to improve water leisure in the Netherlands. The Future Vision contains eight ambitions to achieve that. Read the summary of the Future Vision.

8 ambitions

Most central for cooperation are these 8 ambitions. The public/private foundation’s focus is these three pillars:

  • Development and management of the national recreational route network.
  • Increasing of safety on the water
  • Sustainability and innovation




Waterways Netherlands contributes to strengthening the public-private partnership, intensifying cooperation in the sector and developing sustainable financing of water leisure.


Waterways Netherlands operates as a knowledge and network organisation. The foundation works intensively with its public and private partners to realise common goals. The coordination within the foundation is focused on coordinating policy and plans and developing and implementing public-private programs and projects.

Roles of Waterways Netherlands are:

  • Advocacy when it comes to putting the unique possibilities of the Netherlands as a water leisure country on the agenda of governments, social organizations and companies.
  • Developer and executor when it comes to stimulating public-private projects and programs aimed at the development of water recreation.
  • Expertise and knowledge centre when it comes to collecting, developing and deploying knowledge and expertise.

Waterways Netherlands is a member of the Network Inland waterways in Europe and is responsible for the secretariat.



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